Hello, my name is Lyle Haugen. I am a Type 1 diabetic and, now, a registered nutrition health coach. I was diagnosed in 1985, a week after surviving an industrial explosion at a natural gas facility. The condition forced me to change from my trained profession of commercial diving, since deep sea diving is not where you want to be as a type 1 diabetic. My empathy is with those who experience a similar life changing event.

For 20+ years, I followed all the various advice given by my doctors and nutritionist. None of it allowed me to have consistent, controllable and reliable blood sugars. Inevitably, I began to get many of the associated conditions of Type 1, like eye issues, crohns/colitis and diabetic gastroparesis.

As these conditions mounted, I grew frustrated and angry with the advice I was given.  

I decided to take control back and figure it out for myself. I trained in nutrition and health coaching, read books, tried everything I could, took meticulous notes and, finally, I figured out a system, protocol and diet that gave me my life back.

I now sleep through the night and have great energy. I’m not afraid to travel or experience life.  The freedom I’ve gained by taking back my blood sugar control has been unimaginable. My associated conditions have been getting better and better and my health is no longer sliding down a slippery slope.

With years of diabetes experience and training as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I’ve developed a simple yet effective system for all those who live with type 1. The experiences of my clients and myself demonstrate that balancing those sugars will net improvements in your health, resolve many conditions and help you awaken to a new life. Creating a website specifically for only type 1s has become a great passion, and finally it has arrived. I am also a father, and my adult daughter Shanice helped me refine my bars recipe.  I currently reside in the beautiful town of Creston, BC.

These are 3 things I’m committed to improve!

1. Building Community

My focus is on building a supportive community for type 1 diabetics and assisting in the management of their diabetes. This will be a place where clients can learn an effective management system for all facets of their condition. Managing type 1 is extremely complex, and type 1s deserve a place to find real solutions, educated by a fellow type 1 diabetic who really understands.

2. Managing the 4 Variables

The management of type 1 diabetes has four variables: insulin, diet, exercise and stress management. Educating clients to achieve a simple and effective control of these four variables results in improved blood sugars.

3. Taking Control of Your Type 1

The quality of life improves dramatically when you master of your type 1. The improvement of your HbA1C will fend off many secondary medical conditions that may otherwise lead to heart attacks, strokes and blindness to name a few. Mastering your type 1 can reduce the odds of these severe conditions and provide an enhanced quality of life.

How Nic Went From a HbA1c of 11.5 to an 8.0 in Two Months (Saving His Job and Family)

I’m a professional driver and was about to lose my license because my blood sugars where to high.  The doctor said it had to be at a 8.0 or lower. At that time my blood sugars where wildly fluctuating from 20 to 2 and back again.  Life was a roller coaster of agony.

My body was screaming in pain, legs, back and especially my feet.  My hands would seize up in cold weather, becoming difficult to work at all.  I had insomnia, only sleeping up to 3 hours. Anxiety to the point of isolating myself from friends and family and work.  Then there was the 15 prescriptions that covered things like intestinal issues, anxiety and depression. Also blood pressure pills to protect kidneys.  When it all came to a head, I would go into highs or lows so fierce, that it led to diabetic comas and Ketoacidosis.

Now, two months after starting with Lyle, my HbA1C was 8.0. Exactly what was needed to save my drivers licence.  I feel amazing. I sleep like a log and wake up jumping out of bed. I now feel like i have a life. Time and energy for my daughter, she loves to spend time together now.  Just remarkable. I wish i was taught this when I was first diagnosed years ago. My life and relationships would have all been different.

Now I’m building a new life and feeling awesome.

Thank You Lyle!

– Nic

Being diagnosed with Type One diabetes can be overwhelming to say the least.  The minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day drudgery of trying to manage blood sugars is exhausting. Then to only be out of control in the end is soul crushing.

The commitment level seems impossible and the medical profession often makes it seem like it’s your fault and that you’re not doing it right.  Being too high or too low can quickly change your day and never for the better. The compounding secondary conditions may be very debilitating.

  • Eyes deteriorating.
  • Dry itchy skin
  • Intestinal troubles
  • No energy
  • Apathy
  • Depression(mild to severe)
  • Kidneys
  • Sore aching feet and legs
  • Anxiety (mild to severe)
  • And many more…

Then the relationships stresses begin to mount on top of your already exhausted shoulders.  You lose your spontaneity and freedom to play with your children, family and friends. And when you do make plans to do fun things you often end up canceling them last minute because of wacky blood sugar levels.  Then your emotions are dragged through all these highs and lows and you end up feeling awful about yourself. It never ends.

These undesirable conditions are a result of roller coaster sugar levels.   

I know you just want to feel good again, that you’ve tried to follow every existing program but nothing is working.  The doctor makes you feel it’s your fault, like you aren’t trying hard enough. If this sounds like your struggle, it doesn’t have to be.     The reality the problem is the doctors and their recommendations are not working for you — and they likely never will.

The TRUTH is you need a customized Type 1 program for your life, body and activity levels.  

No one Type 1 is the same. Some people drive trucks all day, some people have 5 kids, some people run marathons and NONE of these people should be on the same program.  There activity levels, nutrition needs, age, supplement and sleep needs are all different. If this sounds like something you’d like to have so you can get the freedom, energy, sleep and relationships you really want in this life then  I would thrilled to guide you to an incredibly simple and effective program to conquer your blood sugar control and regain the life you have always desired.

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Lyle Haugen, RHC, RNHC