How Type 1’s Can Finally End Roller Coaster Blood Sugars, Get Their Lives Back, & Have a H1ABC Their Proud To Show Their Doctor

As a Type 1 your life doesn’t need to suck, if you want 8-10 hrs of restful sleep, consistent energy and happy moods all day,  keep reading...

If you are anything like the majority of type 1 diabetics, you have blood sugars that jump up and down, you think you have it under control one day, then the next day, a complete disappointment.

Then of course your moods get low, you energy is off and life becomes complicated and hard.

The lack of predictable control can literally start to drive us batty.  You can easily end up exhausted, frustrated, you’re relationships start suffering and most people got some form of depression from all this roller coaster sugars..

Have you ever snapped at your kids, your spouse, or your coworkers?  Even when you know they are trying to help you?

Then you end up feeling heavy inside and have to tell them you’re sorry for that, it’s just you’re having a “Low” moment.  All the while still needing to fix your sugars and try to carry on with your day.

It’s a life I don’t wish for any Type 1.  

I know because I lived it -- for years.  

The whole time doing exactly what the doctors said…

Until I got fed up with this kind of life and decided I wanted more.  I wanted a simple life, a controlled and easy life.

And that’s exactly what I did.

As a Type 1 myself, I had no idea how easy, simple, and enjoyable life could be.

I’m Lyle Haugen, a Type 1 Diabetic Health Coach, and I work with people whom have this very challenging disease.  Read on and I’ll show you what to do (and what not to do) to finally obtain simple blood sugar control.

But first consider this …

Ever want to be better at a sport or improve a particular skill for a craft?  Do you seek out experts who are already doing what you want to accomplish?

Learning from others, is the most human of responses when searching for answers.

Finding the right expert to coach you, can give you great confidence in your journey. Confidence, because your expert has already accomplished the same goals which you’ve dreamed of forever.

Having that coach,teacher or expert in your corner to advise and motivate you with the daily struggles of type 1, prevents a potential loss of focus and provides the support you need for success.  

Type 1 is a serious slug fest, especially when out of control.  

Have you ever received training for your type 1 condition?

Was that training personal and specific to you, and or, was the training even effective?

Was that knowledge enough to achieve great blood sugar control?

Let us propose, a tried, tested and truly effective system, the system, I personally follow. A system flexible enough to be specifically tailored for your individual needs.  

What would you trade to have more energy, better sleep or spending quality time with your family and friends.  Furthermore, the career potential you possess, imagine what you could accomplish!

Winning this fight, requires a long term strategy. A strategy which will empower you to achieve great control of your blood sugars, your career and the relationships you deeply cherish.  

To start with here are some tested strategies to try and some to avoid:

4 Things you can STOP doing to stabilize your blood sugars.

1) Stop your over usage of short-acting insulin.  

I understand you’re wanting to have treats. I understand watching someone eating a treat. You know that treat would send your sugars skyrocketing. You want to fit in and bond with your peers, you want to join the birthday party and have cake.  No problem you think, you just take some short-acting insulin.

The challenge is, what is the carb count for that piece of cake. Most of us don’t have a laboratory handy to weigh and calculate the carb content, that means we guesstimate.  It’s nearly impossible to know the right amount of insulin to inject when the data is possibly incorrect. The ensuing roller coaster blood sugars is inevitable with this logic.

Setting a correct amount of basal insulin may reduce your over-reliance of fast or short-acting insulin, thus, resulting in fewer blood sugar swings. Setting your basal insulin can stabilize blood sugars when combined with a low carb program.

A basal/low carb program will create blood sugar stability thus reducing your HbA1C. Reducing your HbA1C’s has been clinically proven to help avoid the deterioration of the body due to uncontrolled diabetes.   

2) Eliminate Wheat From Your Life.

What if, I told you wheat was worse for you than sugar, would you believe me?  Well by the end of this I hope you’ll see my point. In fact, for the Type 1 wheat might be the worst food you’re eating on a daily basis for 3 main reasons.

First the glycemic index if white sugar is 65 and the glycemic index of whole wheat bread is 70.  

Glycemic index is essentially a measure of the initial amount of insulin needed to handle each of those foods… and it’s pretty plain to see you’ll need nearly the equivalent amount of insulin consuming wheat bread. These large amounts of insulin can set you up for a crash.

But here’s the second issue, wheat steals nutrients from you. There is a substance in wheat called phytic acid which can bind with minerals like calcium, zinc, iron and magnesium, preventing them from being absorbed. Whole wheat contains even larger amounts of phytic acid than refined wheat.        

The third issue is that many research papers have now demonstrated that for people who have chronic health conditions and autoimmune issues wheat is really bad for them.  It can be almost impossible to properly digest, slowing transition time and causing inflammation in the gut lining and even trigger the immune system to do some funky things.

In the end, for the Type 1 - it’s one of the simplest changes you can make to feel better this week.  

3) For Your Body’s Sake, Stop Assuming Your Sugar Levels

It’s very tempting to shrug off testing your blood sugars. Maybe you’re not in the most convenient situation to use your test meter and you might feel embarrassed or annoyed.  I get it I’ve been there however there's a big problem that happens when this becomes your normal day.

Knowing exactly where you are with frequent results facilitates your ability to control sugars. Testing often provides the data so trends in your sugars can be identified. Then you’ll know, are you trending upward or trending down with the blood sugars.

The knowledge of whether the sugars are rising or falling indeed empowers you for the next move. Moreover, not testing will leave in the dark as to how to make the best decision.

If you have a continuous glucose monitor(CGM), excellent, these machines demonstrate the importance of trending.


Chronic high blood sugars may cause; retinopathy(leading to detached retinas) resulting in blindness, neuropathy(nerve damage) and general breakdown of circulatory system.

Otherwise, to avoid these conditions test frequently and see the power you will have to improve your control. Good control reduces the possibility of developing additional deteriorating conditions

4) Stop relying on caffeine to combat your fatigue

When you wake up, I bet one of the first things you think about is how bad you want that cup of coffee (or let’s be honest a whole pot of coffee).  Why? Because most Type 1’s are brain fogged and tired as hell in the morning.

Because they didn’t get any deep rest that night with their wacky blood sugars preventing them from actually repairing their bodies.

So, of course it’s easy and natural to reach for caffeine to get going.  We all have a life, job, kids etc. But here’s the issue… when you drink the whole pot or if you keep drinking it ALL day long you are actually creating more fatigue by tomorrow.

Research studies have shown that caffeine actually elevates blood sugar levels!  So with every cup of coffee you’re causing a disruption in the main system you’re working so hard to control.  

Am I saying you must give up coffee forever?  No. But I’m saying if you try and beat your fatigue with coffee or caffeinated drinks you’ll barely stay awake today and pay even more tomorrow.  Better to handle root cause of the fatigue than try and band-aid it ineffectively each day.

Here Are 3 Important Steps You Can Take Now to Start Improving Your Blood Sugars

1) Eat an Avocado a day  

One of the biggest things you can do today to help stabilize your blood sugars is consume more healthy fats.  Healthy fats, help slow the release of glucose into the blood system which will save your pancreas from having to dial 911 and sending all the insulin at once.  

When you don’t eat enough fat you can cause a seesaw, reaction in the body with insulin and cortisol. This oftens causes quick spikes in energy followed by massive crashes all day long.

So add an avocado in to your life for better blood sugars but beyond that you’ll get more magnesium in your diet.  Which is relaxing to your nervous system and muscles and often you’ll notice a calming effect.

On top of that it also will add more fiber to your diet which helps the gut microbiome and again contributes to good blood sugar control.

2) Switch to Lantus to control your basal insulin correctly

As I’ve mentioned above short acting insulin only is a prescription for wacky blood sugars, which creates a moody, tired, and painful life.  One of the best first steps you can make is switching to a long lasting insulin prescription.

I’ve tried many different brands and so have my clients.  Over and over we keep coming back to Lantus. Once you switch and figure out your basal insulin amounts, life can dramatically change.

You’ll typically notice a simpler, easier and more enjoyable life.  However, it can take a bit of trial and error to get the timing and dosage right.  So if you don’t feel better it could be your timing, meals, or lifestyle that is holding you back. Without a doubt, the best way to live the simple Type 1 life of stable blood sugars is long lasting insulin.

3) Understand and Fix the Root Causes of Your Blood Sugar Instability

As I’ve mentioned before there’s several ways for you to have unstable, wacky blood sugars.  But what most Type 1’s don’t know is that there's a pattern of easily changeable root issues of their blood sugar swings.

If you know these root causes, check for them, fix or handle any that are affecting you then you too can have low H1ABC values, less pain, more energy, better moods and on and on.

Basically, you can once again have a simple normal life.  

But you must check and eliminate the 6 common root causes of blood sugar swings.  I’ve already mentioned root cause 1 and 2 above (wheat and only using short acting insulin).  But there’s more and that’s what I want you to do is keep finding and fixing them so you can feel better.

Here’s How I Can Help You Finally Get That HbA1c You’ll Proudly Show Your Doctor 

Most people I’ve worked with have struggled to manage good blood sugars for years. Leading to emotional rollercoasters, depression, relationship difficulties, work challenges and just sick and tired of the exhaustion.

They may, be experiencing the progression of secondary conditions attributed to poor sugar management.

You may have these conditions yourself.

You are not alone!  

Many of Type 1”s that I work with have multiple underlying conditions preventing or complicating their blood sugar control. Conditions such as:

  • Food addictions
  • Food allergies
  • Nutritional deficiency
  • Leaky Gut
  • Prescription drugs( eg. steroids)
  • Diabetic Gastroparesis
  • Crohn’s/colitis, IBS
  • Virus or bacterial infections
  • Alcohol
  • Illicit drugs
  • Chronic pain
  • Sudden stressful occurrence
  • Relationship challenges
  • Chronic stress
  • Anything that causes an adrenaline producing event
  • And more…

Any of the above additional conditions can make blood sugar management one heck of a roller coaster ride.

But Your Path to Easy H1ABC Street Is…

Already been walked by many people like me.  Now I’m making it easier than ever for Type 1’s like you who want stable simple lifes.

The Path to Low H1ABC levels is the Same:

  • Adjusting and mastering insulin dosing
  • Creating the right food plan for your body
  • Adding in easy superfoods recipes to turbocharge your day
  • Creating a simple but effective movement routine
  • And acknowledging and planning for your life demands

It doesn’t need to be more complicated than this and it isn’t.  But you do have to be willing to make this a high priority if you want your relationships, moods and energy back.

As a Registered Nutrition Health Coach my passion is to support, motivate, educate and guide you to be proactive with your type 1. How to delve deep into achieving control of your type 1.

If you have spent years, day in day out, struggling to balance your life, your family, your work and then to top it off, this condition called Type 1, I truly empathize. I too am a Type 1 diabetic!

I practice what I teach and I, teach tight blood sugar control. The kind of control that will give you the HbA1c you have always desired.

I know you may struggle with blood sugar control. When you learn how to manage your Type 1, an entirely new world opens up for you. Let me help you open this new world and finally master those blood sugars.

Hello, my name is Lyle Haugen. I am a Type 1 diabetic and, now, a registered nutrition health coach. I was diagnosed in 1985, a week after surviving an industrial explosion at a natural gas facility. The condition forced me to change from my trained profession of commercial diving, since deep sea diving is not where you want to be as a type 1 diabetic. My empathy is with those who experience a similar life changing event.  

For 20+ years, I followed all the various advice given by my doctors and nutritionist. None of it allowed me to have consistent, controllable and reliable blood sugars. Inevitably, I began to get many of the associated conditions of Type 1, like eye issues, crohns/colitis and diabetic gastroparesis.

As these conditions mounted, I grew frustrated and angry with the advice I was given.  I decided to take control back and figure it out for myself. I trained in nutrition and health coaching, read books, tried everything I could, took meticulous notes and, finally, I figured out a system, protocol and diet that gave me my life back.  

I now sleep through the night and have great energy. I’m not afraid to travel or experience life.  The freedom I’ve gained by taking back my blood sugar control has been unimaginable. My associated conditions have been getting better and better and my health is no longer sliding down a slippery slope.

With years of diabetes experience and training as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I’ve developed a simple yet effective system for all those who live with type 1. The experiences of my clients and myself demonstrate that balancing those sugars will net improvements in your health, resolve many conditions and help you awaken to a new life. Creating a website specifically for only type 1s has become a great passion, and finally it has arrived. I am also a father, and my adult daughter Shanice helped me refine my bars recipe.  I currently reside in the beautiful town of Creston, BC.

These are 3 things I’m committed to improve!

  1. My focus is on building a supportive community for type 1 diabetics and assisting in the management of their diabetes. This will be a place where clients can learn an effective management system for all facets of their condition. Managing type 1 is extremely complex, and type 1s deserve a place to find real solutions, educated by a fellow type 1 diabetic who really understands.

  2. The management of type 1 diabetes has four variables: insulin, diet, exercise and stress management. Educating clients to achieve a simple and effective control of these four variables results in improved blood sugars.

  3. The quality of life improves dramatically when you master of your type 1. The improvement of your HbA1C will fend off many secondary medical conditions that may otherwise lead to heart attacks, strokes and blindness to name a few. Mastering your type 1 can reduce the odds of these severe conditions and provide an enhanced quality of life.

Nic's Story

In 2 Months, I went from a HbA1c of 11.5 to an 8.0, saving my job and family!

I’m a professional driver and was about to lose my license because my blood sugars were too high. My doctor said it had to be at a 8.0 or lower. At that time my blood sugars where wildly fluctuating from 20 to 2 and back again. Life was a roller coaster of agony.

My body was screaming in pain; legs, back and especially my feet. My hands would seize up in cold weather, and it was becoming difficult to work at all. I had insomnia, only sleeping up to 3 hours, and anxiety to the point of isolating myself from friends, family and work. Then there were the 15 prescriptions that covered things like anxiety, depression and intestinal issues and also blood pressure pills to protect my kidneys. When it all came to a head, I would go into highs or lows so fierce that it led to Diabetic Comas and Ketoacidosis.

Now, two months after starting with Lyle, my HbA1C was 8.0 — exactly what was needed to save my driver’s licence. I feel amazing. I sleep like a log and wake up jumping out of bed. I now feel like I have a life. Now, I have time and energy for my daughter, she loves to spend time together. Just remarkable. I wish I was taught this when I was first diagnosed years ago. My life and relationships would have all been different.

Now I’m building a new life and feeling awesome.
Thank You Lyle!