Crohn’s/Colitis The Bill Piper Story


This testimonial is of a man whom I respect greatly. His journey is amazing and I was fortunate to cross paths and befriend Bill. His history and knowledge of local history is inspiring.

The distress Bill was in, was critical, his bowl severely distressed, I wanted to help.  The link below is a video, unedited and raw about his journey.

Although Bill is not Diabetic, my practice of Integrative Nutrition was able to find his root disturbance and remediate the problem.

Bill discusses some of the processes he experienced.

Bill completed a Reset protocol and started an Autoimmune Paleo protocol. The macronutrient ratios are 60% Good Fat, 20% Quality protein and 20% Carbohydrates from non-grain or dairy sources.  Within 5 days of commencement, his bowels began to form proper stools and he began absorbing nutrients again, the first time in many years he tells me.

My experience with bowel issues prevented myself from being able to control my Type 1.  It is a horrible thing to experience.


I leave you now with Bills amazing journey!


Bill Piper Testimonial 08/30/19